Which DS Castlevania game should a series newbie get?

#1 Posted by Ventilaator (1566 posts) -

I just recently got into Symphony of the Night, which is the first and only Castlevania game I've played. (Well, the only Metroidvania styled Castlevania game)
I found SOTN all the way completely totally awesome and would definitely be interested in more of that. I am in possession of a DS. The problem is that there are several Castlevania games available on that system. Which one would make most sense for a complete series newbie to start with?

#2 Posted by Matoya (449 posts) -

They're all actually quite different as far as I know. I didn't get far because they're so different to SOTN, at least at the start, so I can't provide that much of an insight.

#3 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Actually I liked Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance on GBA more. I'd say Dawn of Sorrow is alright, and it continues the story of Aria if you're already invested in it. I don't think I ever finished Portrait of Ruin or the other one.

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I would say Ecclesia is the best (although only half of the game is really Metroidvania-y). I wouldn't start with Dawn of Sorrow, since that's actually a sequel to a GBA game. So maybe start with Portrait of Ruin.

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I only ever played SotN and the old sidescrollers, so I have no idea.
You should play some Metroid though, Super Metroid imo, might be better than Symphony, or at least equally awesome in its own way.

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Dawn of sorrow is the most straightforward, you're just a dude getting new powers/equipment and killing things, Portrait of Ruin has that thing of being constantly switching between the melee guy and the magic chick and The order of ecclesia  is pretty much like Dawn of sorrow except there are no weapons, instead the abilities themselves are weapons, all of them are great anyway, if you're worried about story progression they are just very loosely connected, apart from some cameos here and there the only thing persistent in all of them is Dracula and the castle pretty much.

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Having played them all, anyone them will do though between them all I think Order of Ecclesia is my favourite. Maybe because it plays a little differently then your standard Metroidvania.

#8 Posted by BeachThunder (13143 posts) -
@TobbRobb: How does that actually relate to OPs question?
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Ecclesia would probably get my vote, as I found Shannoa's style of play to be the best. The one with the twin castles (The name escapes me at the moment) would be a very close second, because it has a more traditional Metroidvania feel to it, as only the end of Ecclesia is like that.

#10 Posted by Icemael (6795 posts) -

You can play them in any order, really. Dawn of Sorrow is the only of the DS games that's a direct sequel (it continues from Aria of Sorrow for the Game Boy Advance), but the stories in these games are pretty shallow and you won't lose much by simply looking up details online.

I'd recommend starting with Order of Ecclesia simply because it's the best in almost every regard.

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I really liked Portrait of Ruin for it's varied enviroment, sadly Ecclesia is the only DS 'vania game I didn't play.

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@BeachThunder: Barely, I just felt like adding a similar recommendation instead of only going "derp i dunno".  Everyone who likes that style of game should play Super Metroid anyhow.
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I've only played Dawn of Sorrow so far, but it's pretty good.

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A pile of suggestions in 15 minutes - AWESOME. Thanks a bunch.

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I liked Portrait of Ruin the best, and I played all the DS games.

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Yeah totally check out Order of Ecclesia. I really enjoyed it.

As you can see with all the different suggestions though, you are pretty save picking whatever one you can find first.

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Dawn of Sorrow is the most like SotN and my favorite DS Castlevania overall, but it IS a direct sequel to Aria of Sorrow. The intro pretty much spoils the ending of AoS, so you might want to consider that if you're ever planning to go back to the GBA games. Order of Ecclesia might be the safest bet if you just want something that you can easily jump in to.

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Play Metroid , fella .

#19 Posted by spacetrogg (63 posts) -

Dawn of Sorrows was the only DS castlevania game that I actually finished. Not saying the others aren't any good, its just that Dawn of Sorrows just seemed to gel better for me.

My advice would be pick up which ever one you can find cheapest, you can't go all to far wrong with any of them.

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Ecclesia is the best metroidvania in the series behind Symphony of the Night. Start there.

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Dawn of Sorrow is the best one, easily.

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The only one that I've enjoyed other than SotN is Circle of the Moon on the GBA. That game is frigging pants. I need to replace my lost copy...

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