Which in the Castlevania series are worth playing?

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I've been thinking about getting this game for a while now, and maybe some of the others. My question to you guys is, as there is a TON of Castelvania games out there, are there any in particular other than Symphony of the Night that you consider a necessary gaming experience?

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The DS and GBA Castlevania games are pretty great. Any that came out before Symphony of the Night are not.

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Nothing's wrong with the S/NES versions. And the DS games are good.

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Essentially anything 2D after/including SotN.  Though I think SotN is rather dull compared even to the GBA ones. (Looks better, but the boss fights are so.... uninteresting)

Circle of the Moon is superb. The first and latest (essentially not Portrait of Ruin, that ones a bit tame... Or maybe it's too similar to the first one for me).

The 3D ones aren't quite up to par so skip those.

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I would say, Symphony of the Night first, followed by Aria/Dawn of Sorrow.

There are more decent metroidvanias but really, play the few best ones, and you may find you've had enough for sometime.

Order of Ecclesia mixes it up and should be played too.

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But Order of Ecclesia is harder than any of the other castlevania titles on the ds and gba. 
It will give you some degree of challenge. 
And my favourite one is the circle of the moon. Great game, with better gameplay than the SOTN and while, it has a weaker protagonist, it has a stronger story.  
The first games (Castlevania, Castlevania II, III, IV, castlevania X and the ones on gameboy) are less story driven, and much more plataformers than the latter ones. But for people that like the genre there very good too.

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All the GBA/DS games besides Harmony of Dissonance are really good.

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