PSP Go version available now!!!!

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Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles is FINALLY available on the PSN starting today (in North America only not sure about other regions).  PSPGo owners it is time to rejoice!  I have been wanting this game since I first bought my PSPGo on release date.

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Excellent win for the PSN!

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Just for PSP Go? They can do that? What the fuck, why not all PSP models, they all have the same capabilities!

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@Al3xand3r:  No it is not just for the PSPGo.  All versions of the PSP can now play this game via PSN download.  The difference is before today this game was ONLY available on UMD and the PSPGo can not play any UMD games.  Now that it is available via PSN ALL versions of the PSP can now play this game!  I am definitely going to buy this game today.  I can't wait.

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