3DS: How long will we have to wait?

#1 Posted by AgentJ (8994 posts) -

The Castlevania series has found a rock-solid home with Nintendo's handhelds over the last few generations, beginning with three exquisite entries on the Game Boy Advance and followed by three more on the DS. With the 3DS good and announced now, I expected Konami to have a castlevania on the list of named projects, but alas, no dice. I mean, does Igurashi have to finish up the two current projects (Lords of Shadow, Harmony of Despair) before he sets to work on what would surely be the most beautiful Castlevania yet, or has Konami given up on the side scroller? 

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19512 posts) -

Hopefully we wont have to wait long.

#3 Posted by MonetaryDread (2292 posts) -

He is working on a HD sidescroller right now. I'm skeptical about the whole six-player format, but as long as the game has the same RPG-meets-metroid style I'm all in. As for a 3D release on 3DS, my guess is next year. I mean, with no mention of price at this years e3 how long is it going to be untill the 3ds comes to north america?

#4 Posted by TooWalrus (13302 posts) -

The answer? Too long.

#5 Posted by AgentJ (8994 posts) -
@TooWalrus said:
" The answer? Too long. "
Damn good answer!
#6 Posted by luce (4056 posts) -

Hopefully Igarashi has been working on that this whole time

#7 Posted by JCGamer (758 posts) -

I really hope we get a game more like Dracula X than another metroidvania-style game. The series on the DS has gotten really predictable and stagnant in my opinion. Getting back to basics would be a nice start.

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