Mega64: Castlevania, your opinions.

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  I think they did a very good job. I love Mega64 but I can admit most of their public skits are just them running around in a costume, this skit is faithful to the original game and they implement items and enemies from the game. 
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That was enjoyable, I usually enjoy their live skits even though its just them running around in a costume.

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MMMmmm. Delicious delicious SPAM.

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I watched this a few days ago and loved it.

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@BunkerBuster: Wow you are so clever!
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@BunkerBuster said:
" MMMmmm. Delicious delicious SPAM. "
Yup I paid for a yearly subscription to GB and have been a fan of the site since it launched only to now make you watch a funny video and infect you with laughter. You sure caught me... 
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@BunkerBuster said:
" MMMmmm. Delicious delicious SPAM. "
I don't think you understand what spam is.
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This thread has no discussion value other than "I like the part where it's funny" so that's why this thread is spam.
If you want to post Youtube videos pop them on a blog.

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Mega 64 never disappoints. This is no exception.

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@Milkman said:
" Mega 64 never disappoints. This is no exception. "
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Loved it and thought that part at the end was the greatest.

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Heh, loved the Simon's quest day/night cycle thing, man that thing was annoying as hell in the actual game...

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