What kind of cat owns you? (post pictures)

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American shorthair, brother and sister (Taken at 8 weeks. They'll be a year old in 10 days):

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Cats are devil creatures. Im going back to the dog thread.

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I had a better photo, but I like the cat eyes in this one.
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Cat owns you?  Where are we, Soviet Russia?

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@Mikemcn said:

" Cats are devil creatures. Im going back to the dog thread. "

I'm convinced that when Satan stopped using his serpent form (back in the Garden of Eden days), he switched to cats.  Well, that or he just rents cat bodies for his demons to wear while ruining lives. 
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im not owned by any cats ! I AM A FREE MAN

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This deceptively evil kitteh. Aptly named Tyke.
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@Chavtheworld said:
This deceptively evil kitteh. Aptly named Tyke. "
Aww! What a cute pussy.
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I don't have a picture, but she's a Persian flat face cat, so I can assure you she looks rediculously stupid.

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3 short hairs

 Girl: Yee

 Yee again

 Boy: Steve

 Boy: Billy
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@metalsnakezero: Billy looks the coolest... I can't believe I called a cat cool lol. 
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 Muh kitty
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 Ralph sitting on a dumpster
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This is Charlie, the best cat ever. Though he coughed up a furball in my room this morning.
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With a lot of fur.
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the best part of a breakup, is the ability to finally take off the ball and chain (by making her take the cat)

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@dagas:  I've always wanted a ragdoll! They're soo gorgeous. I think my cat has a bit of ragdoll in him somewhere, he's huge, fluffy and you can hold him however you want haha

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