Catherine has Online Multiplayer

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In one of  the bigger surprises, the new Famitsu has Catherine having an online component that consists on online tower climbing segments. 
via Andriasang

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Oh god.

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Colosseum is a competitive mode where two players challenge the game's action stages simultaneously. As you climb up a tower, you'll need to think about both speed and methods for hindering your opponent. The person to win two rounds of play first wins the match. You'll unlock this mode once you've cleared Golden Theater mode. 

 Damnit. This game just keeps getting better and better.
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It also has some other online connectivity that sounds pretty interesting. Just little stuff, but it'll be interesting to see how people respond. Seems like there are a lot of interesting gameplay modes in this game.

  The other area is a bit more interesting. Previously, we detailed the Confession Room, an area you encounter when you reach the top of a stage. Here, you're asked a multiple choice question, and your response determines how you advance. If you're connected online, you can see graphs showing how other players responded. Based of the screens in Famitsu, it seems that you can select to see how different genders responded.

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I don't really care as long as the SP's good.

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 @endaround:  Actually, we've already known this for a while.

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oh god lady venus sounds awesome i want to see her right now

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This game gets crazier every day.

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Play the cast of Persona 4 as DLC, only  €49.99!

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Oh wow, I had totally forgotten that there was a rumored online component. Awesome.

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Well that was unexpected.

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@Otogi said:
" Play the cast of Persona 4 as DLC, only  €49.99! "
I would play call of duty with the SMT style so hard
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@Laketown: How would that even work? 
Seriously, how would it? I want to know!
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Just when i thought this game couldnt get any wierder o.0

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Nice try Atlus. You can't bribe me anymore than you already have. I already said I'd buy the game when I first saw a half-naked chick in pink lingerie was one of you main characters.

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How is this going to work? Well whatever, I say its a nice addition.

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@mutha3: I thought all we knew was that there was an online component meaning perhaps leaderboards or something
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@endaround said:
" @mutha3: I thought all we knew was that there was an online component meaning perhaps leaderboards or something "
Nah, the leaked achievements already spoke of a VS mode of sorts. 
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@endaround said:
" @mutha3: I thought all we knew was that there was an online component meaning perhaps leaderboards or something "
I think there was some kind of online multiplayer mention at some point, but that's about it.
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Sounding like epic game is going to be epic.

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I'm not normally one for online multiplayer anything, but for you Catherine, I shall make an exception.

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