Catherine multiplayer Tournament at NorCal insall (seriously)

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Yes there was full on Tournament for Catherine multiplayer at a Fighting game Tournament and it was streamed with commentary, which is by the way absolutely incredible. They were throwing around fighting game terms while the players tried to crush each other under blocks. It´s absolutely amazing   
For who missed it can watch the archived stream here:
:edit; There is another thread of the Event Here:

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Who is the guy who works at Atlus again? He should totally see this with some of his co-workers.

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It continues! The NorCal Install is once again having a Catherine tournament. They are currently finishing up Blazblue, but Catherine should be on in a little while. The stream can be found here.

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Sorry to bump this thread, but Catherine has become an official game for Dromstructionon October 22nd and 23rd. It even got sponsored by Atlus! Catherine being in the mix with all of the fighting games should make for an interesting tournament atmosphere.

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So i'm not the only one who absolutely loves Catherine multiplayer? Wow. That's awesome.

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Apparently, the guys who won the previous tournaments have byes until further into this tournament. I sort of want Dacidbro to lose, so he can commentate the rest of the matches. That man is hilarious.

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@FluxWaveZ: It's actually pretty hype...i enjoy the finestKO guys lol

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@xhavoc86: Yeah, but the players are pretty bad so far. Hopefully, things will be a little more advanced later.
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I am impressed by how cerebral these games get. I know it's a puzzle game, but the competitive aspect of it is a lot more apparent than something like Tetris or even Puzzle Fighter.

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