Did you like the plot twists? (Spoilers)

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I'm not certain if "plot twist" is the most accurate term, but I'm mostly referring to the 'Boss = Thomas Mutton' reveal, along with the whole nature of why men are having nightmares and his motivation; Catherine turning out to be a Succubus; and the additional intervention of gods with the 'Trisha = Ishtar' reveal. The turn Catherine's story takes in its latter half seems to have been a point of dissent among players, some appreciating it and fully expecting the occult themes, others not liking it very much.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

some appreciating it and fully expecting the occult themes.

This is the boat I'm in.

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Atlus is not exactly known for subtlety (bad bad bathhouse), so I knew something strange was going to go down, so I was ok with the twists.

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it was cool that you got drunk and cheated on your girlfriend and regretted it fully, that was a cool original idea. then suddenly its as if the game had a knee jerk and was like NO! WE DIDNT MAKE A GAME ABOUT CHEATING.... UHHH.... SUCCUBUS... EVIL... GODS.... THINGS.. and it was silly.

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Eh. Once they finally revealed that Catherine was the succubus that they spend the entire first half of the game alluding to, I found myself not really caring about the rest of the "twist." Plus, I have to agree with Jeff's sentiments. Making her a succubus just negated all the tension about Vincent's choices. It came off as a slightly more creative version of just saying it was all a dream.

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I thought Catherine being a succubus was a cop-out. They took a serious subject like infidelity and gave the main character (Vincent) a loophole because Catherine "technically" didn't exist. Except his intentions were unfaithful, because he thought she was real.

I kind of figured something was up with the bartender, but the reveal was still a surprise.

I don't dislike the game as much as some people -- it was definitely a different and enjoyable experience -- but the end (and really, the characters) fell apart for me.

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