Ending my Catherine odyssey

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I played a whole lot of Catherine when it released last year. I got really frustrated with it, during the 7th chapter. I then put it down and never came back to it. Even though it has been in the back of my memory for a long time now. Listening to the bombcast this week and Vinny's troubles with it; something click within me and in seconds I went back and two days later I finished the game. I have to say that I fall on the side of Patrick with that game, where'as even though it has problems I love it all the same. Also, I was wondering what exactly they were talking about on the Bombcast when referencing Erica in the game. Now that I have finished it, and have seen the Erica reveal...I can say I laughed so much and didn't see that coming for a mile.

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I still believe Erica is the perfect woman. Way better than Miss Suckcock and Miss McBride. Also, you got the True Lovers ending, right? I got True Freedom.

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@MikeGosot: Yes, I got the True Lovers ending and I am very happy I did.

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@PainGod89: Loved Catherine, but never had the time to play thru it again to get all the different endings. I got the one where Vincent is with Catherine, turned into a demon. Hurr hurr.

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@Morrow said:

@PainGod89: Loved Catherine, but never had the time to play thru it again to get all the different endings. I got the one where

Spoilers. We have tags for that.
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Erica is the best ___________ in a video game, fuck Kaine

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@Animasta: Can't really compare them, Erica is a transsexual, while Kainé is a hermaphrodite.

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You played all the way to near the end of the game and got frustrated? Curious and curiouser. If you were going to get frustrated, I'm thinking that it would have likely happened earlier.

I'm closing in on my first completion of the game and gunning for the true freedom ending. Before the final level, the meter was pointing just ever so slightly to Katherine, about as centered as you can reasonably get all things considered. So I should be able to make it happen.

Silly me, I didn't know that you could "save" some of the guys you interact with at the bar. All of them died I think. Oh well, next playthrough then.

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Ugh...wound up with the Katherine "good" ending. I was disappointed that I missed true freedom, but at the same time, somehow I feel like the "good" Katherine ending might actually be arguably the best of the eight endings, even more so than the true endings. It just ended things on a good and seemingly realistic note.

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I got three of Catherine's endings. But the one I liked the most was the true cheater. So funny!

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On my first playthrough I got the Bad Katherine ending. I thought Katherine sucked so many of my choices leaned toward Catherine but I kind of went the way the story ushers you toward by trying to get Katherine back. I immediately went through it again and got the Good Catherine ending instead. I'll probably get the other endings at some point but I need to be in a calm frame of mind since the puzzles got really frustrating sometimes.

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