More new stuff... Vincent's friends names and gameplay details.

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More of me randomly browsing ( ATLUS Forums) when I stumbled upon a link that was placed there with new details on the names of Vincents friends and gameplay details. Names are: Johnny, Toby and Orlando. all strangely American names, I don't know which name goes to which yet, but when I find out I'll let you know.
Or someone else will beat me to it, whatever, i just like to know XD 

Also, thanks to Siliconera I got a little more information regarding Vincents friends.

 During the day, Vincent drinks beers with three friends and each one has a different perspective on love. Orlando is a 32 year old divorcee who works with Vincent. After his divorce, Orlando lives a wild lifestyle. Johnny is also 32 and works at his dad’s used car dealership. He believes marriage is an event with your fated partner. Toby at 23 years old (lots of 3s and 2s) has had limited experience with women and love. He works with Johnny and thinks he’ll marry a girlfriend when he finds one.

 Straight from the site itself if you didn't want to click to find out. XP But it sounds like Vincent won't have a lot of support in the whole "Marry Katherine" Deal. And would be more in favor of "Screw around with Catherine and have fun." Deal. Though Toby seems like he might get Vincents back.. but he's young, who knows.
As far as gameplay it's more of a run away and keep from being caught. If you are caught however, you get an interesting 'game over" screen, though instead of saying game over it says:

 Love is Over.

A lot of information seems to be coming straight from Famitsu, but I'm excited they didn't try and turn it into a -hack and slash- it's mor elike run and don't die. Sounds like a blast to me. I may tear my hair out as I panic. You will get a game over if you fall off or are caught as you try to your way up that towel of well.. kinda cheater hell. XD
If someone already had this information sorry, I just found it and browsed and didn't see it anywhere.
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All of that information has been in our Wiki page for a while now.

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@FluxWaveZ:  I'll see if I can find a mod to delete this then XP

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