Trailer #3

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This looks absolute batshit-crazy... I love it.

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Yep. Still have no idea what's going on in the game.
Yep. Still want to play it.
Also, Patti and Selma at 1:38.

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I assume the call he gets at about a minute in is from Steve. Also, the old ladies are creepy.

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Still Catherine, still fucking awesome. This couldn't come out soon enough.

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@endaround said:

" A new trailer is out thanks to Famitsu.  If this link goes down you can go there, get it from, or wait for the official update on the website.  We see what might be a snippet of the action gameplay. 

Also: The eye that appears after the call from Steve is in the Intro. 
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@DonutFever: from  0:07 to 0:09
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@endaround: Thanks, looks cool. 
Also, is it me or is there weird stuff happening outside of the Nightmares now? Like Katherine at around 0:30, and the old ladies at 1:35? Reminds me of the bleeding effect in Assassin's Creed.
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I like that they indicate the day somewhat dramatically in the game ala Majora's Mask (0:16).  After each day, it seems Vincent will spiral more and more into madness after having horrible nightmares and he'll start progressively seeing more illusions in real life (2:04 - 2:12). 
I still want them to officially introduce Erica, though.

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This game give me the same uneasy feeling I had during the Persona 4 ER sometimes.
If I had to guess I would say this Cahtrine person is a demon and the main enemy

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@FluxWaveZ: Also, I feel like his appearance also looks different at 1:46. He has bandages on, and something about his face just looks different. 
EDIT: Oh, there's a sign in the Stray Sheep called "Ram Cafe".
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Dammit ATLUS stop making me more hype than i already am! You'll get my money you don't have to keep teasing me!

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Super stoked for this game. Hopefully they reveal more about the actual gameplay soon.

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Anything at all about a Western release? European or American? This game looks so crazy and awesome, just wanna know when I can get a hold of it here in Europe

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@Venatio said:
" Anything at all about a Western release? European or American? "
No. Nothing.
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I finally got to see the whole trailer, that bit at the end was creepy as hell, as was that ram getting eaten by what looked like shadow Vincent. Okay ATLUS tell me now if I need the light on to play this, you already have creepy ass babies.. please don't say there is a clown somewhere your not willing to tell me about. XD

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Whoa... when the Logo flickers it flashes "Vincent" really quickly.

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I'm kinda looking forward to this.

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This game can be the best thing ever or the worst so easily...

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@DonutFever:  Really? I gotta try and pause it then.

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