Vincent in Persona 3 Portable

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Saw this excellent video of Vincent's cameo in Persona 3 Portable. If his words are to be taken as true it potentially reveals some nice plot info about the game. Here is the video: (I can't embed any more)
He seems to believe the nightmares are tied to sleeping with Catherine because in doing so he cheated on Katherine. Also Katherine is pregnant. That may have been announced already, I haven't been keeping up with the coverage. He also believes that he may die in his dreams, if he falls to the bottom. The bottom of what? Who knows. Maybe it's just a void. What do you guys think of a cameo in the English version of the game, when the west might not see this game? At least not for a while.
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We already have a large thread on this, it's nothing new.  And all of the information that was given about Catherine's potential plot in P3P was also stated afterwards from interviews and the trailers for Catherine after the announcement so there's not much of anything to take from Vincent's cameo in P3P. 
He was a cameo in that game long before we even knew about Catherine.

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No offense, dude, but this is really, really old info.

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Sorry, I haven't checked the P3P boards at all so I didn't know he was even in it. I figured there would at least be a thread on the Catherine board. Oh well I made a mistake.

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