News from Cave's latest livestream.

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  • Dangun Feveron might not be re-released because of some sort of marketing problems. If it comes out, it might be for iPhone instead of Xbox 360.
  • Cave aren't sure if they'll keep making shooters for arcades. They'll discuss the matter after Akai Katana Shin is done.
  • The rumours that Cave aren't happy with Microsoft or their console are not true. They have a great relationship.
  • Superplays may start getting released on Blu-Ray instead of DVD.
  • They don't see themselves making any PC games.

The Dangun Feveron news is bad, obviously. An iPhone release is no release at all as far as I'm concerned. As for the part about arcade shooters... I just don't know that it's a good business decision (but then, I am no businessman). But if they can survive on making shooters exclusively for consoles and stay true to the arcade spirit, I don't mind. I never buy PCBs anyway.
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I think Akai Katana wasn't bullet-hell enough for the arcade crowd. The arcade collectors I deal with have every freaking Cave game ever (and I miss my Uo Poko PCB), regularly import and shop with yahoo auctions, but not a single one has shown any interest in Akai Katana.

I also think the idea of rotating those huge heavy-ass CRTs killed a lot of potential purchases of it.

e: Yep, that was a flop. What a sad sight, scorehunting or bust just like on consoles it's achievements or bust. Could drop a really bad game as long as it has a standard Cave scoring system, as long as it's nothing you can max out.

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Deathsmiles did really well though, and that was both horizontal and easy (well, easy for a Cave game). The main reason Akai Katana flopped was that people maxed out the score shortly after release. When the score has been maxed, there's nothing to beat and the hardcore lose interest.

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