How to get each ending?

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I've heard that Cave Story has a special good ending if certain conditions are met. Something along the lines of not picking up certain items along with some other conditions I'm not familiar with.

With as little spoilers as possible can someone tell me how to get each of the endings?

Also aren't there items that get better if you don't pick them up early like the machine gun or something?

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I heard that you can get a better gun if you don't exchange the polar star for the machine gun, but I don't know how it figures into the ending if at all.

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I'm not sure I remember all the requirements but I'll try. When you see the professor fall (in the labyrinth I think) don't go down to talk to him. Jump the gap and continue. This will provide you a multidirectional jetpack later on, rather than the 1 direction jetpack he gives you then. Also in one or the boss battles (the Core, I think) you need to go past the thing that trigers the fight and get the rope and then trigger the fight. You'll know the area because it's partly underwater. If you want the timer for the final level (which is optional) then you have to go to the cemetery and pick up the small guy and bring him to the small people residence. I think the good jetpack also allows you to get to the mushroom boss (near the cemetery I think) and completing that will get you the mushroom badge. I think there might be one other thing you need to do in the plantation.

One of the weapon trades isn't an improvement but I forget which one. I think it was the one for trading in the knife. If I remember correctly if you keep the polar star when Curly offers the machine gun then once you get the jetpack you can return to the first area and return the polar star to the gunsmith for some other weapon.

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Obviously, there will be spoilers, but I'm not going to bother with the tag because it's the nature of the thread:

To get the best ending, first you have to skip the Jet Pack v0.8 in the Labyrinth. Then, you have to get to tow rope in the core room with Curly, and save her after you defeat the Core and the room floods. Once you get to the Waterway, dump Curly in the cabin, drain her and take her with you. Find Curly in the Plantation, then return to the Migami Village Graveyard and find Ma Pignon. Answer no to all his questions and get the Mushroom Badge. Examine it in the inventory then talk to him again. Answer yeas and fight him. Defeat him and return to Curly to get the Iron Bond. Once you have the Iron Bond, the Cabin on the top of the island will be open after you Defeat the Doctor/Core, Misery, and Sue. Enter it while you are escaping to complete the final dungeon and get the best ending.

Also, hold onto the Polar Star until you get the Jet Pack v2.0. Then return to where you got it to get the Spur, which kicks ass. This has no bearing on the ending.

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Beat the game yesterday. I got the "normal" good ending. I had no idea that I could save Curly lol. So i just left her there I had no idea that the tow rope was in the water. Now I am tempted to start over and get the "best" ending.

either way my god . the ending was really really hard.

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