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The tropical island of Cay Noir was once populated by a mysterious and extinct race with an advance knowledge of the processes of life and death. The ruins of their villages bear mute testimony to the ancient wisdom that still may be tapped deep in the volcanic caves of the island. Necrobiologist Dr. Elgin R. Hellman's breakthrough relied on just such knowledge.

The walled city known facetiously as Zombietown is what still remains of the lost race's largest village. Hellman's minions gave converted it to their use and it's swarming with bloodthirsty corpses. The critical battle locations in Zombietown are the entrance gate, the swamp, the village and the magnificent fortress, a most difficult 3-part siege to be undertaken only when full prepared.

The graveyard is your home base. If you don't protect it, zombies will come to raise the dead. (Note to self, if fighting zombies, don't make your base a graveyard) The more they raise, the less likely your chances of surviving and getting to Hellman. There are other locations on the island which will be useful for gathering information and inventory. Go when you feel the need, but watch out for renegade zomies.

~ Sega CD manual (minus the tip) ~

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