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CC Sabathia is a professional pitcher, who appears in many games from the MLB franchise. Sabathia started playing in the major leagues, with a debut for the Cleveland Indians. He was signed to the Indians from 2001, through to 2008. After joining the Milwaukee Brewers for a year, he is now with the New York Yankees. Sabathia was born in 1980, in Vallejo, California. Initially he also played American football, and was invited to join some university teams for his talent at it. He chose to move more into baseball though. Sabathia is a left handed batter and pitcher.

Bad Company 2

On the 16th of March, EA uploaded a video to their YouTube channel, that referenced Modern Warfare 2 and parodied it. The video is related to grenade spam, and Sabathia appears in the Bad Company 2 video. This is due to the fact in Modern Warfare 2's video, a player from a different team appeared. 
The video shows Sweetwater spamming frags, before Sabathia arrives, and begins to lecture him. Sweetwater interrupts, and starts complaining about random baseball pitchers coming to talk about random grenade spamming, before Sabathia grows bored and walks away. A few seconds later he appears in a hovering Apache gunship before bombarding the area with explosives.

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