,Please understand what Cell Shading is before adding to list

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I've noticed that in this category their seems to be a lot of games that aren't actually cell shaded being listed of having this technique, some of the games erroniously placed in this category included everything from Yoshi's Island, to Four Swords Adventure to Katamari Demacy. I've deleted most of  the offenders but people should be aware that their is a difference between cartoon like graphics and cell shading. Cell shading is generally characterised by a line outlining the characters or objects, which gives it a distinctive look. Take a look at the screenshots for the Wind Waker, if the game doesn't look like that in at least some way than chances are it's not cell shaded.

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Also, there's plenty of games listed that fake it via flat shaded polygons (Mega Man Legends, Fear Effect) or simply through rendering an outline on traditionally lit models with simple textures (Wacky Races). If the lighting doesn't map to a small number of shades, it's not cel-shading; if it fakes it through simple textures, it's not cel-shading.

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