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Celestine is an energetic girl of the Mare race and is the 5th party member to be recruited. After meeting the party she immediately becomes infatuated with Argo and spends a large portion of the game detailing their plans for marriage, much to the amusement of Crocell.
Celestine is an orphan, with her mother dying early in her life and her father leaving her with the care of the chief in the village of Cota Mare. Due to the Mare's lifespan of about 40 years Celestine has the body of an adult (the Mare physically mature about age 10) but the mind of a young girl, explaining her enthusiastic outlook and contant teasing of Crocell dubbing herself his "Older Sister".

In game Celestine's attacks generate Ice Kan, letting her deal powerful ice wizardry with a bow equipped or providing minor healing and buffing/debuffing with an aroma equipped.

In the English version Celestine is voiced by Stephanie Sheh

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