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Cell is an organism that was formed with the cells of various Dragon Ball characters and consequently is able to mimic various abilities of other characters, most notably


. Cell was created by

Dr. Gero

. Cell's abilities include the following:

  • Flight - Cell has the ability to fly through use of his Ki like other characters in Dragon Ball Z. It would seem his wings are purely cosmetic.
  • Kamehameha - Cell is able to perform the Kamehameha wave, as he has cells from many people who know this technique.
  • Regeneration - Cell is able to regenerate, similar to Piccolo's ability. But Cell's form of regeneration is much more advanced, being able to regenerate from any cell even if only microscopic particles remain.
  • Spirit Bomb - In video games Cell is often able to perform the Spirit Bomb technique. However, his use of this technique has never been shown in the anime.
  • Absorption - Cell is also capable of sucking the life force out of an organism. He achieves this by using his tail to stab the victim. He used this ability to raise his power before going after the Androids, and after absorbing Android 17, he no longer needed it.
  • Cell is also able to survive in the vacuum of space, due to cells harvested from Frieza.

Forms and Transformations

Imperfect Cell

Imperfect Cell

This is Cell's first fighting form and in it he closely resembles an insect mostly because of his eyes and beak-like mouth. In this form he is mostly green with some black spots. His tail and his wings are blue and green in color, and other parts of his body are orange. Cell becomes stronger in this form by absorbing the life force of people through his sharp, needle-like tail. Cell is less muscular in this form compared to the others.

Semi-Perfect Cell

Semi-Perfect Cell

After Cell managed to absorb Android 17 he transformed into his Semi-Perfect form, also known as Imperfect 2, or his second form. This form is very different mostly due to his face taking on more human characteristics, instead of those of insect. His tail changes color and his wings shrink in this form. He is much more powerful in this form than in his imperfect form. Other changes include his eyes resembling Android 17's and a voice change.

Perfect Cell

Perfect Cell

After absorbing Android 18 Cell transforms into Perfect Cell, his final form. He resembles a human much more in this form than in previous ones, albeit with very pale, near-white skin. His tail retracts into his back to keep it out of the way, but can be extended and used in the same ways as it could before. The wings on his back grow longer than ever and also turn an almost jet black color. Cell's irises change to a pink/purple colour and as with his previous transformation his voice changes once more.

The most dangerous of all of Dr. Gero's creations and considered the 2nd strongest android after Super 17. Cell was created in Dr. Gero's lab as a genetic experiment. He comes complete with a self-destruct feature, a scorpion-like tail that opens up to absorb the energy of his opponents, and instructions to eventually absorb Androids 17 and 18 in order to achieve his perfect form. Cell contains the cells from the mightiest warriors of the universe including Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and nearly all of the Z Warriors. Possessing the cells of these great warriors, Cell is able to utilize their attacks. With these great forces combined Cell is an almost invincible being. One of his greatest advantages is the ability to regenerate himself at any given time from even the smallest component of himself.

Super Perfect Cell

After turning back to his Semi Perfect Form Cell decided to blow up himself and destroy Gohan and the others but Goku used Instant Transmission and teleported them to King Kai's Planet.After his impact the lump that is need to regenerate him is not damaged so he regenerate himself.After doing this he became stronger and learns Goku's Instant Transmission.His appearance doesn't changes he just got a blue electric aura around him similar to Super Saiyan 2.

The Cell Games

After achieving his perfect form, Cell decided to arrange a tournament for Earth's strongest fighters to attempt to defeat him. He gives the fighters 10 days to prepare, which many spend in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but Goku and Gohan simply spend them resting.

Cell's first challenger was Mr. Satan who, despite his posturing, was easily defeated. Goku took up the challenge afterwards, and was seemingly evenly matched with Cell. However, he eventually forfeited, claiming he couldn't win--but volunteering Gohan, who he believed could.

Goku believed that Gohan had deeply hidden strength, and if he could use it, he would become stronger than Cell. Gohan, being peaceful at heart, warned Cell of this--that when his anger rises, he loses control and becomes frighteningly powerful. This backfired, making Cell want to see this power, so he could prove he is even greater. He spawned seven Cell Jr's and sent them to attack the fellow Z Warriors, who were quickly overwhelmed--even Goku, the strongest of them, was exhausted from his fight with Cell and couldn't hold his own. However, it still wasn't enough to bring forth Gohan's power.

In an attempt to stop Cell, Android 16 grabbed Cell and attempted to activate his self-destruct mechanism. However, it was revealed that when Bulma repaired Android 16, she removed the explosive in him, leaving him unable to self-destruct. In response to this, Cell nearly completely destroyed him with an energy blast. Fortunately his head remained, and he called on Mr. Satan to help him reach Gohan. Mr. Satan managed to throw him into the battle, where Android 16 told Gohan it was okay to fight to protect the Earth and the innocent lives on it. After his speech was completed, Cell crushed him. Seeing the peace-loving android destroyed in such a cold-blooded fashion finally awoke Gohan's anger, and he achieved Super Saiyan 2.

Gohan quickly recovered the Senzu Beans Cell had stolen, and dispatched the Cell Jr's. He then turned his attention to Cell, and quickly showed that he is far more powerful. He came close to destroying him several times, but his anger was so great that he dragged the fight out so Cell could suffer. Eventually, Gohan beat him so badly that he spit up Android 18, reverting back to his second form, and suffering a severe loss of power. Realizing he couldn't defeat this new level of Super Saiyan, Cell began his self-destruct sequence, planning to bring Earth down with him. Gohan immediately regretted his arrogance, realizing he placed the whole planet in grave danger. However, Goku steps in, teleporting Cell away to King Kai's planet where he is caught in the explosion, sacrificing his life to save Earth.

Unfortunately, enough small traces of Cell were left for him to regenerate himself. And due to the Saiyan cells in him, recovering from the brink of death vastly increased his power, while also restoring his perfect form and gaining Goku's teleportation technique. He returned to Earth, and immediately killed Trunks with a Ki blast through the heart. Enraged over his son's death, Vegeta launched a futile attack, and was quickly dispatched by the new Cell. Cell then launched another blast in an attempt to finish Vegeta off, but Gohan took the brunt of the attack, severely damaging his arm.

Cell prepared to launch a massive Kamehameha at Gohan, hoping to destroy him and the Earth. Gohan, who had lost all hope, offered no resistance--until Goku began communicating with him from the afterlife, and urged him to continue the fight. Gohan used his one good arm to launch his own Kamehameha, barely managing to hold off Cell. Despite the interventions of the remaining Z Warriors, Cell seemed unstoppable, until Vegeta returned to the fight. He attacked Cell with a powerful Ki blast, distracting him just enough for Gohan to summon his full power and overwhelm Cell. Gohan's blast completely disintigrated Cell, finally killing him.

Buu Arc

When Cell died he was send to hell by King Yemma.There he team up with Frieza, King Cold and deceased members of Ginyu Force.While they are terrorizing hell and trying to found an exit Goku and Pikkon appears and after Goku defeated the Ginyu Force, Cell attacked but Pikkon defeated him only with a kick.He later send to Other World Prison with his teammates.

Dragon Ball GT

Cell team ups with Frieza to kill Goku while he was in hell but Goku easyliy defeats them.At the end he and Frieza was frozen and broken into pieces.

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