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Don't even try unless you have an AGEIA Physics card.

Story: Um How should I know? You can't play the campaign unless you have a PhysX card (maybe you need to pay, but I thought this was a FREE game...)

Graphics: Nothing crazy, Looks alright

Audio: Average

Missions: Only got to play Deathmatch, so Kill the Bots/Friends?

Features: Crazy destructible environment that owns your PC!

Multiplayer: Only thing you can play unless you have the PhysX card. Pretty Basic, Some cool looking guns but same old same old

Requirements:Pretty much a PhysX Card and/or a Very High End PC

Weapons: Cool looking, futuristic weapons.

The Good: The Idea of a free FPS that plays well

The Bad: Needing a PhysX card to play most of this game, let alone run it decently

The Ugly: Getting a Maximum of 8 fps while playing with all the settings on low, and resolution at 800 x 600

Replay Ability: I'd like to be able to play first...

The Bottom Line: If you have PhysX try it! Its free! If not, not worth the 900mb download. This has so much potential but fails to give us a good game without needing useless hardware.


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    CellFactor: Revolution is possibly the best game that has been pushed and locked away in the dark. I would not be saying this if it costed anything more than $10. The game is just put down because hardly anyone has the intelligence to buy a good CPU or where against purchasing a PPU. Really I average around 30fps with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 and a GeForce 8600 GTS, no PPU. Though now I do have a 9800 GTX but I have not been able to test because the game refuses to load with the current Nvidia ...

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