E3 2011: Champion Jockey Trailer

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Horsies for the win!

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Gallop Racer 2006 is awesome, stoked that we get another one. Good job Tecmo/Koei. I will gladly play this while chain smoking, drinking, and being a disheveled business man.

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Oh please, let me reintroduce you two...

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If I can't huff the glue they make, I'm not interested! Well... wait. Can we inject the horsies with steroids and then later use their meat in an apocalyptic setting? Twist of the year.

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What a weird thing to make a game about..

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I bet there is a grown man in Japan happily weeping because of this trailer.

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May contain content inappropriate for children?

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@NeverDave said:

May contain content inappropriate for children?

Physics-enabled horse cocks.
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Yo, you know what's fucking dope? Horses.

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Oh please...

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ALLOW ME TO REINTR- oh. Cory totally beat me to the joke. Bummer.

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@Koobz: Oooh, that's better than mama's chocolate pie! Jeff: ".....Mama's chocolate pie btw FUCKIN' SUCKS......"

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Give us the Japanese version instead.

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@Crono: Now we're talking.

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Do you race Rich Gallup?

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Can't wait to play this game, loved Gallop Racer on PS1 and the G1 jockey games on PS2. Would be nice if they added more animations to the horses; It still looks good none the less.

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@Ertard said:

Do you race Rich Gallup?

I'm fairly certain that this video has been posted to highlight the (deliberately) poorly-spelled wiki entry. That's rich!
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@Ertard said:

Do you race Rich Gallup?

Oh I see what you did there...

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Hit X to feed your horse Crack Cocaine.

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@Ertard said:

Do you race Rich Gallup?

That is why the "Some content may be inappropriate for children." warning is in the trailer.

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@Ertard said:

Do you race Rich Gallup?


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@NeverDave said:

May contain content inappropriate for children?

Previous games allowed you to bet on horses, I assume thats what they are talking about.
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Spirit of the horse. Horse Fighting. Horse Romance. CHAMPION JOCKEY.

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Rider meet horse, Horse meet rider.

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Tell me that's a Kinect game.

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I demand a Dave quicklook of this

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Techno and horse racing go perfectly together.

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I've been waiting for so long!

#30 Posted by MisterMouse (3598 posts) -

Horse meet rider?

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@Meatsim: Hells yea, hit me with that Dub Trot
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I'm so glad games like this still exist, even if there's no way in hell I'd actually play it

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Well, I guess it's no more mind-numbing than NASCAR games.

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@pyromaster222 said:

Horse meet rider?

Yes, I would totallly play Horse-meat Rider.

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