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CoN is the Dummies' Guide to Action RPGs 0

Champions Of Norrath is a great way to ease your friends into the Action-RPG genre.  While some may debate this claim due to the game feeling somewhat lame and uninspired, I would counter saying that this game is still a lot of fun playing on the couch with a friend, both focused on the same screen, sharing the same gear and overcoming the same obstacles.I tried playing this game alone once and when playing it alone, it is very lame an uninspired.  With a game like Diablo 2 I didn't mind playing...

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Not Just for EverQuest Fans, But They'll Enjoy It More 0

The latest attempt at spreading the EverQuest franchise has arrived.  Champions of Norrath takes the world of EverQuest and creates a hack-n-slash RPG out of it.  Sounding a little bit like a way to milk the EQ franchise?  Well, yes...but the game is pretty good, so that's okay.  The people that made the original Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, Snowblind Studios, are the developers of Champions of Norrath and their experience shows.  The story is a bit on the simplistic side (EQ addicts will g...

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Fantastic game 0

I got Champions of Norrath because me and my brother had just played Marvel Ultimate Alliance twice and really enjoyed it, so we set out to hunt for more of these kinds of games. We found this on 'the other site', and we bought it and played it. We played it some more, and a bit more afterwards. All in all, we played about 50 hours in the week. And that is because Champions of Norrath is a great game-it has a vast variety of characters, a good variety of setting, and some other really neat stuff...

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Champions of Norrath is a repetitve and cheap Hack and Slasher. 0

I kinda liked Dark Alliance, but as time went on, the repetition with the game got to me and it just got plain ol' boring. I figured they would work things out with this new Champions of Norrath, but no, it's the same flaws and errors I found in Dark Alliance but multiplied. This game is so freaking boring and reptitive. There's barely a hint of story, or a single interesting character. So basically this is the same boring game made by the people that brought you Dark Alliance, and they didn't...

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