Anyone still playing?

#1 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (4114 posts) -

I spent time messing around with over Thanksgiving.  The Xbox controller works 
well & the Steam Achievements are also working.  The game reminds me a lot 
of City of Heroes, except CoX is gone now byt the end of the year. I'm assuming 
DC Universe is dead as well, which means Champions Online is the only  
Heroes game out there.  I hope it survives.  There appears to be an empty  
niche market for generic hero video games.  I'm frankly surprised no one has 
done a 'Skyrim' type Supers MMO CRPG at this point.  I think people would 
buy that.

#2 Posted by Dimsey (1107 posts) -

DC Universe isn't dead. Been playing a decent amount recently and it's got a healthy population.

Gonna be giving Champions another look soon though, I preferred the DC Universe setting but I miss CO's customization options.

#3 Posted by FLStyle (5430 posts) -

I played the beta back in early 2009, then didn't play any of the game in its original subscription form, then played it for about the first 3 weeks of it being free-to-play.

I'll have a look around to see what's changed since, might be worth another go.

#4 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1012 posts) -

It's a game I go back to every once in a while. I really enjoyed it when I first played it so might need to check back and see whats new.

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