Lagfest Online

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-edit-  network issiue have been fixed by cryptic.
Yay for Lagfree times.. cryptic is the best <3

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@viiral said:
"Since friday or so iv been having 500-700 ping with a random 5000 ping spike every 2-5 sec."

Wow, that is really not good. I haven't got the game myself but I was thinking about starting it at some point and I'd like to know if anybody else has experienced lag that bad.
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I had really bad lag in the beta at times of the reasons I'll wait a while

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I do not play it, but lag in multiplayer games suck bad. Hope they fix that asap...

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500-700 Ping?! Dear sweet Lord, where do they keep their servers? On the moon?!

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I've been getting the lag since that last patch they did too.  Something totatly went wrong somewhere.

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Ah this explains it then, I thought my computer was giving up the ghost, no matter how low I drop my settings I keep getting the same frame rate.  I'd never even considered it was a server problem. Well that's fine then, they'll fix this by the end of the week probably, at least it's not my graphics card.

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Thats really suprising to hear, I didn't buy the game but I played the beta and even with my 0.4Mbs connection after 6PM I could play near lagless.

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@viiral: Did you just get disconnected, too?
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I rarely have an issue. My controls just reset when I zone. Not a big enough deal to not play obsessively. I'm loving this game. Though yes, poor framerate. As soon as the controls are fixed, I'll have no complaints.

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I'll admit I have poor frame-rate with the specs I have, but I suffer very little lag potentially compromising my heroic deeds.

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I think this sort of thing can be attributed to the typical growing pains new MMO's always experience after launch. This is the first big weekend for Champions, so I think problems of some sort should have been expected especially since it was Labor Day and all.

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the controls resetting is pissing me off. I dont think I get much network lag but my fps does drop a lot. Cryptic need to work on optimizations?

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Played the beta and that played completely fine, how can they go backwards?

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@Ineedaname said:
" Played the beta and that played completely fine, how can they go backwards? "
Massive increase of userbase?
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I would actually question if what you're experiencing is internet related lag or rather is it performance of the game client itself.
If  you find yourself rubber banding, then that is lag.
If you find the game is running slow, actions are delayed and the framerate is all over the place then that isn't lag. That is poor system / client performance.

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What is the normal amount of ping for an MMO then?  CO runs at about 200-300 most of the time with spikes up as high as 800 every now and then.  I know for a shooter anything over 50 is bad while anything over 100 is basically unplayable.  Would upgrading my connection speed help this at all?  I'm upgrading soon anyhow but I'm kinda curious now

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@viiral: I wonder if it has something to do with everything basically being under one server instead of the usual spread over multiple servers.
#19 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1928 posts) -

I just quit playing about 20 minutes ago and i didn't notice anything being off at all.... But that could just be me.

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@viiral said:

" Jaydeegee
Cryptic Studios Team
Good Afternoon,

I wanted to take a moment and update this thread to let you know that we are actively working with our net-ops and QA teams to find the cause (and more importantly) a resolution for this issue.

To help us track this down If you are having this issue and want to help. Please reply to this thread with the following information:

1. A general location you play from (city, state, country for example, no ip address please)
2. The name of your ISP
3. The results from the speed test at: ( Please choose "New York". You can copy and past from "Last Result" once the test is done, it should looks like:
Download Speed: #### kbps (### KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: ### kbps (## KB/sec transfer rate)
We completely understand how frustrating this is. It is frustrating for us as well. However we have Top Men* on this issue, and will continue to update this thread as we go. Thank you very much for being a little patient with us as we work to solve this. *Not the same top men from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  "

1.  Los Angeles, CA, USA
2.  Roadrunner
3.  Download Speed: 13599 kbps (1699.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1317 kbps (164.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
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Someone mentioned that the hoilday weekend was the first real test of heavy population of the servers, the game did have the early start for the small amount of interested people,  it released on a tues and I'm guessing that the impulse buyers didnt buy it till friday on when they seen it in the stores or steam. 
I've been playing off and on since last weds and there has been a decent amount of lag or rubber banding happening, but noting i couldn't stand.  its a release mmo, anyone buying it early should expect issues. the question is how quick Cryptic will find the bugs and patch them, not to mention the balancing and exploits people are finding.

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Since the patch today its been a little better i think but I am not certain.

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Damn, I really wanted to get into this but it looks like I'll have to wait some more

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So it seems like WAR still has the smoothest MMO launch ever then.

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blame your neighbour
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I live in the UK and sometimes get lag and disconnects from the EVE Online servers (which are based in the UK)
Yet I've not had "any" lag to speak of in Champions Online ? Although I've seen people in local talking about it.

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Had a laggy day a few days back but since then I haven't noticed the lag being too bad.

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I don't really get any lag with the game, even when playin on my crappy laptop.

#29 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1928 posts) -

I had a little lag today but it wasn't that bad.

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