terdman's Champions: Return to Arms (PlayStation 2) review

Champions return to arms

this gam is to god for its own Good, This game will have you hooked for months even years its in a way liek ever quest but only better i was hooked on this game for a 5 months then i forgot about the game then i started again and now im the highest level in the gam 40 million gold lvl 80 Barbarian warrior best weapons probably inthe game Thats how hooked you just might git on the game  its a great game go a try it.


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    Nothing New, But Still a Solid Experience for EQ Fans 0

    Champions of Norrath was one of my favorite PS2 games of last year.  Return to Arms picks up right where the original left off and even lets you bring your character from the first game into the second.  Admittedly, the game doesn't offer very much in regards to innovation, but not too many people buying this game are looking for something completely new.  Snowblind has made a career out of this Diablo-esque, dungeon crawling, hack-n-slash game.  And Champions doesn't try to be anything other t...

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    Champions was an ugly mess full of game crashing bugs. 0

    Ok, I hated this game. I really really did. Not only did it feel like a poor expansion pack of Champions of Norrath, but it was full of game crashing bugs (re: graphics). I have never in my life been more bored playing an Action RPG in my life either. This is seriously one of the worst and I've sat through Bard's Tale, D&D Heroes, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and much other pieces of crap. I would recommend to never touch this. Everything about it is unpolished. The game is short, the comba...

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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