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Championship manager 2 is the sequel to Championship manager and was developed by Sports Interactive for the pc and Sterling Games on the Amiga. This version was the first game in the championship manager series that SI did no develop as they were aware the Amiga could not provide a satisfactory Championship manager experience. The Amiga version lacked some leagues, ran exceptionally slowly and was delayed from 1995 to 1997. The Amiga version of the game scored very badly in reviews. This included a review of 12% from Amiga format. This was in stark contrast to the PC version of the game that received all round critical acclaim a total of two years earlier.


Full SVGA glory

CM2 featured full SVGA graphics and photographic backgrounds that changed with each turn the player took which helped fight the look of a spreadsheet that the game inevitably had. Other updates included a audio commentary mode that was supposed to support the text update match engine. This did not prove to be a success however and was removed from Championship manager 3. The main problem with the audio commentary was that it forced the player into playing through matches at a very slow pace leading seasons to last even longer than they already would. One "feature" of CM2 was a bug that enabled the player to sign players for free. If the player made an offer in excess of 20million that was then immediately changed to a free transfer the selling club would accept the offer but as a free transfer. Devoted managers would never use this tactic however.

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