Anyone playing this?

#1 Posted by Jayross (2647 posts) -

I just bought this because I was looking for a good RPG on the iPhone, so far I am not disappointed. Although the puzzle segments are a bit of a drag, I hate puzzles.
But yeah, I am trying to kill this elephant boss, but I am having some problems taking him down.
I just thought I would post this up, feel free to contribute to this topic with tips and opinions etc.

#2 Posted by bleg38 (20 posts) -

Just attach the opposite element properties to your team after he casts a spell.  Then pair attack him for heavy damage.  I would recommend grinding a little bit if you're having a ton of trouble with him, too.  You're gonna need to be a decent level when you hit the arena.  It wasn't an easy fight.   I'm with you though.  I love this game.  I hope square keeps pumping these out.  I've put more hours into this than i care to admit.  Easily worth it's price tag.    

#3 Posted by tutuboy95 (108 posts) -

I got this game a couple months ago. It is, by far, the most interesting game I have for the iPod Touch.

#4 Posted by SamFo (1641 posts) -

hey i just downloaded this and its sublime so far! reminds me of ps1 era final fantasy games!

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