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The arcane device known as the Chaos Sphere was a magical orb used as a limitless font of power by the infernal Serpent Riders, the primary antagonists of the Heretic series. The exact nature of the Sphere and the powers it granted are unclear, though it was likely a crucial component in the demon brothers' interdimensional travel, among other things. D'Sparil, the youngest Serpent Rider, was not depicted using it in his attempted conquest of Parthoris, though both Korax and Eidolon had access to it during their respective campaigns. In fact, it is stated in Hexen that it was the primary source of Korax's power, and though the protagonists of Hexen were able to defeat Korax, they were unsuccessful in destroying the Chaos Sphere itself. When the artifact reemerged in Hexen II, it was in the possession of Eidolon, the eldest Serpent Rider. In the finale of Hexen II, Eidolon was rendered completely invulnerable by the Chaos Sphere, thus the four heroes were required to destroy the device before he could be harmed. Upon Eidolon's defeat, both the Chaos Sphere and the Serpent Riders who controlled it were no more.

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