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Chaoseater is a two-handed sword, and War's main weapon, in Darksiders. I can be leveled up to four different levels beyond the first before finally being replaced by the Armageddon Blade before the final fight against The Destroyer. It can also be imbued with one enchantment at a time; these range from items increasing the number of souls harvested with each enemy, or generating Wrath over time.


There are several special moves that can be performed with the blade. Among these are a "flipsaw" attack done from the air, where War does somersaults with the weapon in front, damaging enemies in its path. War can also charge up the sword, making an arcing swing that knocks enemies back while causing damage. This particular move can also be upgraded with souls through Vulgrim, increasing its range.

Physical Characteristics

The sword is roughly equal in length to the main character, War. Its hilt is wrapped in brown leather. The outer edge is silver metal, and the interior is covered in intricate markings. Several eye sockets are apparent and the images of human skulls are visible. No indication is given in the game of the origins of this weapon, or what significance those markings and images may have.

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