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Shibuya, Japan, 2008. Takumi Nishijo is a 2nd year high school student at Suimei Academy. He is an Otaku shut in, who, while playing his favorite MMO, starts chatting with an online associate, Grim. Grim tells Takumi about recent murders in Shibuya that have taken the internet and the media by storm; New Generation, or "New Gen". The first of which, the one known as the Group Dive, is where 5 high school students jumped to their deaths from a tall building on September 7th. The second is known as the Pregnant Man, where a male university student was found dead, with a 32 week old fetus inside his stomach, on September 19. As he is told this, someone named Shogun joins their chat. Grim logs off, and as he does so, he is bombarded with image links to a picture of a man pinned to a wall with stakes in an alleyway. The next day, after heading home from an internet cafe, Takumi witnesses this same scene. Furthermore, he sees a pink haired girl, wearing his school's uniform, covered in blood. From there, he gets caught up in the New Gen cases and he also starts to see delusional images.

The game is non linear, to a point, and the way you decide things is by the delusional trigger system. Occasionally, usually when talking to someone, the player will see two cardiac cycles at the top of the screen. These cycles are delusions. If you don't choose one, the scene will play out how it's supposed to, but if one of them are picked, Takumi will see a delusion of the scene he's currently watching. The stable, green line will show a happy or silly delusion. Where the unstable, red line will feature an unhappy one, which usually involves violence.

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