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Chaotic: Shadow Warriors is a MMO game based on the 4Kids TV series, although you do not play the actual characters from the show. Instead, you create your own avatar, who is supplied with a free deck of cards. To get more cards, you'll have to buy booster packs in normal stores like Target or Wal-Mart. These cards can also be used to play the card game against live players. Once you feel like you are ready to duel, there are several dromes (arenas with specific rulesets) you can enter to battle.

Drome 1 - Beta: works with all types of decks
Drome 2 - Hotekk: works with advanced 3v3 apprentice decks which do not use Mugic
Drome 3 - Imthor: played with international cards only, does not use Mugic and is only 3v3

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