Welcome to the Party, Pals

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So maybe new episodes of "How to Build a Bomb" featuring the move to the new place?  Also, is Dave one of the guys upstairs?  Do whatever you have to do not to lose Dave in the move!

#52 Posted by Colin (707 posts) -

I wonder if they'll do "How to rebuild a bomb" videos of there new place.
#53 Posted by Volkodlak (115 posts) -

Cool, I already like what Matt's written here; and Brad Nicholson? all I can say to that is BOOM!

#54 Posted by Coltonio7 (3156 posts) -

MattBodega owes me pawdcast money.

#55 Posted by Yummylee (22679 posts) -

This all make me happy in pants.

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"Wacky fun" is an awesome name for an eventual new video feature.  I'd totally want it to be called that.  And it sounds that there'll be a lot more live video content in the future.  That's great!
The move probably means we'll see less cameos from Dave and such, though.  That sucks.

#57 Posted by Winternet (8082 posts) -

Bigger basement FTW!!!
Hmmm, I get it. You won't do a 3rd Endurance Run during E3, because you're doing a 3rd and 4th Endurance Run during E3. Two simultaneous Endurance Runs. I'm calling it.

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Im kind of torn on the news, its great that your expanding but at the same time.. being small and tight-knit is kind of what makes giant bomb what it is. The main cast has been "together" for years and years, and drew and dave seem to fit in perfectly with them as side kicks. I dont know what i'm saying, really :-\

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@Colin said:

" I wonder if they'll do "How to rebuild a bomb" videos of there new place. "

Edit: Alternatively called "How to make a bigger bomb"
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the future of GiantBomb looks super bombing!!

#62 Posted by Trilogy (2700 posts) -

More content incoming? I'll welcome that with open arms. 
And fuck.. e3 is right around the corner. I'm pumped.

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So, more Mailbag Videos?? Love to hear we'll be seeing more vids. Can't wait.

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@PresidentOfJellybeans said:
" So maybe new episodes of "How to Build a Bomb" featuring the move to the new place?
This needs to happen.
#65 Posted by Bennyishere (1685 posts) -

BRAD NICHOLSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#66 Posted by MattBodega (1907 posts) -

That's right! We're the kids to beat!
Beat Kids!

#67 Posted by mancesco (6 posts) -

Get Brad Nicholson on the Bombcast! I miss Podtoid.

#68 Posted by SamitSarkar (21 posts) -

What's your shoe size, Brad?

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Oh man, glad to hear you guys are expanding! Giantbomb's success, as well as the rest of Whiskey Media, is well deserved.
#70 Posted by A_Dog (738 posts) -
@MattBodega said:
"  Beat Kids! "
Are you saying parents should beat their kids?
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Welcome to the bomb squad.  Farewell to the bomb shelter...

#72 Posted by Phished0ne (2561 posts) -

I love how jeff puts the kibosh  on a new endurance run before the 2nd one is even finished...

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YES the return of TANG finally o i've waited so long
O also welcome Brad and Matt

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He said third Endurance run, he said it not us :D
Congrats on to all the new people at GB!

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Welcome to the team, fellas!  I've always enjoyed MattBodega's work!  Looking forward to more!

#76 Posted by nxau (111 posts) -

Wah, TWO Brads?! :) Well, welcome then, guys!

#77 Posted by Stooch (45 posts) -

Welcome to the team, guys! Can't wait for all the new stuff happening.
Must have "How to make a bigger bomb" videos!

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Congratulations on the incredible progress this site has made in such a short time. I love you guys and all of the projects you're associated with, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Giant Bomb and the rest of the Whiskey Media family. 
They grow up so fast. *tear*

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so happy they did this post was getting worried that they were getting bogged down and we weren't gonna see any of the fun stuff anymore, but with more people hopefully it'll just get more awesome......duder

#81 Posted by mutha3 (4986 posts) -
@Phished0ne said:
" I love how jeff puts the kibosh  on a new endurance run before the 2nd one is even finished... "
hahaha, I kinda feel the second Endurance Run was started solely because of user demand in the first place. 
Maybe next year:P
#82 Posted by Superfriend (1595 posts) -

Nicholson is okay. He probably fits right in with you guys. Just don´t hire that "Reverend" Anthony guy, since he sucks and you don´t.

#83 Posted by kollay (1953 posts) -

So, will it be Gigantic Bomb, now? Or perhaps, Ginormous Bomb? AW HECK! I love you guys.

#84 Posted by HughLeppard (1 posts) -

Big welcome guys

#85 Posted by HaroldoNVU (591 posts) -

The Bomb is getting... more... giant-er... something

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I read this in Jeff's voice.

#88 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1431 posts) -

That's pretty cool :) Nice to see the GB cast expanding and getting more popular :D

#89 Posted by Chris2KLee (2339 posts) -

More guns in the armory are always good. GB and Whiskey in general is looking better and better every day!

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Oh shit. It's the Nicholson! He's a beast of a man. Ask him what his shoe size is.

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I really like Destructoid. It actually used to be my main hangout before I came here. So good u got someone nice & competent. God speed to all of you!

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Welcome to the team, however long you are here!

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Sweet. It's good to hear that GB is continuing to expand.

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Things are movin'!

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Quick Hits! Big fan of Brad and Podtoid.

#96 Posted by GalacticPunt (1141 posts) -

Brad "Chet" Nicholson joining Giant Bomb?!?  I'm excited and a little scared.  Dude is ripped, put him to work moving the heavy shit when you relocate!

#97 Posted by JoelTGM (5599 posts) -
@Corpsegrinder said:
" Oh shit. It's the Nicholson! He's a beast of a man. Ask him what his shoe size is. "
What's his shoe size?
#98 Posted by AndrooD2 (225 posts) -

Gianter Bomb.

#99 Posted by deadly_polo (471 posts) -

Sounds good, welcome other Brad (you will never become just Brad), thanks for the update Jeff

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Sweet. Giant Bomb is growing!

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