Welcome to the Party, Pals

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i don't know man, for about the past 2 years Giantbomb has been my go-to site for video game news and shenanigans and while growth here is inevitable i'm just preying that it doesn't lose that kinda "dudes hangin out in the basement effin' around writing about video games" feel that it has, that has become such a big part (for me anyways) of their personality.  
i fucking love Giantbomb and i'm happy for them and i want them to be successful and they deserve to be successful, i just hope this all works out for the best, for everybody
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Just saw the photos of matt.
More like Fatt Bodega AMIRITE?!

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The show floor videos from E3 are some of my favourite segments from GB, so please do nice lengthy ones :D

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with growth comes more. careful what you ask for.

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As I said in a random thread, one of my favourite destructoid editors is now also writing for one of my favourite video game websites? Hopefully Brad Nicholson will guest on a few bombcasts and bring the same energy he showed on previous Podtoids.

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Welcome aboard fellas! 
Here's hoping for more "Video Thing" from the 4 duders downstairs.

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Aw, I totally thought more fun meant a 3rd endurance run. It'll happen someday though...

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Oh oh, I foresee no more Dave & Mike Quick Looks if the move is done.
Is this true? Will we loose our source of hilarity and PC Quick Looks?! Nooooooo!!!

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Can't wait to see what kind of things you guys get up to in your new place.

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Rock on Giant Bomb, awesome news.

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At the rate that Whiskey Media is growing it's no surprise you guys are moving. 

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Sure new brad can bench 230 pounds but awesome brad can simply command the weights to rise on their own with his rich manly voice.

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This is awesome news! Giant Bomb is easily my favourite website, let alone games website. What I always felt was needed was "moar" and now that is being delivered :) Cant wait.

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Man! I'm so happy Brad Nicholson's joining the Giantbomb crew, That guy was such a laugh to listen to on Podtoid, hope he comes on the Bombcast...
As to Matt Bodega. I hate you so much! I also love this and respect him just as equally, ha ha. Matt Bodega, you must deserve it if the GiantBomb guys want you on board.
I want to work for Giantbomb and I'm jealous as fuck! Ah well. I have my own website to think about. :-)

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good snag, also i bet they got brad N as a body guard for e3 lol , giantbomb is going to be like an old rock super group.... i love it

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Hope they get new Brad on the podcast sometime, he was pretty good on the destructoid podcast.

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Glad things are evolving. Excited about the future!

#121 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -

Expand and get better, GiantBomb. I belieb in you.

#122 Posted by MisterMouse (3599 posts) -

Sounds good! also i do hope there is another endurance run!

#123 Posted by Rapid (1459 posts) -

Requesting "How to build a Better Bomb! Videos" 

#124 Posted by zombie2011 (5272 posts) -

Wacky fun?
my hope is "How to build a bomb" pt 2.

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@Corpsegrinder said:
" Oh shit. It's the Nicholson! He's a beast of a man. Ask him what his shoe size is. "
Classic Podtoid!
Brad responds: "Tell you what, ask me again next podcast and I might tell you all."
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You can expect to see more live things like that from us here in the basement, along with more reviews and Quick Looks, the eventual return of T.A.N.G., and "wacky fun."
Best news I have heard in a long while. The videos are why I keep coming back to the site, hoping for QLs and ERs. And TNT has been fun to watch. Here's hoping for tons more.

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Buff Brad Vs Fat Brad.  Only on Pay Per View!!!!
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Right on GB. Anything that allows you guys to make more stupid videos is fine by me.

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Awesomeness! Good to see Giant Bomb blowing up. Ugh. 
I'd recommend a re-do of the front page though, if you're having more video and news content I don't think the current layout really works?!

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I think they're getting Nicholson so that he can pump them up for summer. That way they can show off their beach bodies. The Nicholson gets me so pumped I could hurt a small child and feel no remorse.

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Freelancer are credit to team! :D

#132 Posted by drew327 (689 posts) -

Thanks for the State of the Site, welcome to the new guys

#133 Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro (954 posts) -

Kids on the beat!
Kids on the street!
Beat kids!

#134 Posted by Lambert (405 posts) -

The new additions are welcome to this shitty community.

#135 Posted by Jolt92 (1650 posts) -

I hope it won't change things up to much. If it does, it'll just be 4chan for me.

Please stay good, Giant Bomb. I'll die there. 

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@Sweep said:
"Mattbodega should be a guest on the bombcast, provided you don't let him talk about Path Of Neo... "
Or World of Warcraft. MattBodega can talk about WoW for days. I can just picture it now - Ryan asks him what he's been playing, the words "World of Warcraft" leave his lips and we then have a 5 hour solo from MattBodega talking about WoW. If he gets on the bombcast and even mentions WoW I will hunt him down and kill him. 
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I hope they just don't spread their work out over too many people. Then you suffer quality for quantity - it always happens.

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I need some quick hits ASAP.

#140 Posted by zaglis (912 posts) -

Um..I don't..what.

#141 Posted by RagingLion (1383 posts) -

Good to hear on update on what's going down, Jeff.  All sounds great - I trust you guys with whatever decisions you take in expanding the site so good luck with it all and I'm sure we'll enjoy the continued journey.  Don't stop having fun.

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Remember to kidnap Dave on the way out. GB needs him much more then those Whiskey Media dogs.
Good luck with the new office, hope the moving process is without insident. And if it has incident, I hope someone has a camera nearby.

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Giant Bomb is leveling up.

#144 Posted by Gangway (59 posts) -

Does this mean the return of the "How to build a Bomb" web videos on the new office space?

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You need to get Nicholson in some time for the podcast. Dude's hilarious.
Also, everything's true. He can lift anything.

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Always enjoy more people to the team, welcome to the land of tomorrow!

#147 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Sweet, sounds like some good stuff goin' on.

#148 Posted by makari (643 posts) -
@Sweep said:


     Mattbodega should be a guest on the bombcast, provided you don't let him talk about Path Of Neo... "
He should be a guest on the podcast, provided he doesn't speak at all!
Endurance Run 3 confirmed!
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Ouch, that fool said Fat Brad!
#150 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -

E3 coverage is going to be insane.

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