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The Chariot Master is the ancient keeper of the Lightning Chariot, a magical, unicorn-drawn chariot with lightning-fast speed. He resides in a tower filled with traps of his own design as a means to prevent intruders from stealing the chariot. In Chapter 19 of Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pit makes his way to the tower with Viridi's help in order to ask that he borrow the Lightning Chariot, which is the only known means of smashing through Palutena's barrier that encases Skyworld. However, the Chariot Master doesn't take kindly to Pit's intrusion, forcing Pit to climb to the top of the tower and confront him face to face.

Upon meeting the Chariot Master, Pit is asked to pursue him in a chariot and battle while on the move. Upon his defeat, the Chariot Master accepts his death, but also rewards Pit's tenacity with the Lightning Chariot.

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