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Police Officer
Metro Police Department
Emergency Response Team (SWAT)
Washington D.C.

Field Operations Agent, Washington/Baltimore Unit
Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU)

Field Operations Agent, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU)


MPDC SWAT Tactical Shooting Competition
Washington D.C.

Commendations in Weapons Knowledge and Field Reconnaissance
Washington D.C.


Special Forces Operations Training Course
U.S. Army
Fort Benning, GA

Washington D.C. MPD
ERT Basic Training
Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. MPD
Police Academy
Washington D.C.


Single (formerly involved with Kim Bauer)
Daughter: Angela Edmunds

Chase Edmunds was Jack Bauer's partner during one season of 24 and is a playable character in 24: The Game. Chase has an impressive history in the world of counter terrorism and idolizes the methods of Jack Bauer. He was also romantically involved with Jack's daughter, Kim Bauer, but kept this information from Jack for fear of how Jack might react. Jack was eventually told and ask only that Chase not put Kim or Jack above doing his job. Chase eventually proved his worth by handcuffing himself to a small terrorist WMD in order to slow its detonation. He eventually had to have Jack cut his hand free from the WMD in order for the bomb squad to neutralize the device. At the end of Season 3 Chase was being wheeled off to the hospital to have his hand reattached. Following the reattachment he took a new job with a private security firm, but eventually broke up with Kim because he was unable to deal with her grief over her father's (staged) death.

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