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Chaz takes a stand
Chaz Ashley is a young bounty hunter from Motavia in Phantasy Star IV. At the beginning of the game has recently become the full partner of Alys Brangwin, the top hunter from the Guild in Aiedo. Fresh face and wide eyed he is introduced as a man just coming into his own. However, he and Alys quickly become embroiled in the machinations of the dark wizard Zio and the mysteries of the mechanical systems that keep Motavia running.

It is while investigating the supercomputer Seed that he first meets Rika, a genetic construct created to watch over Seed. Due to the failure and ultimate destruction of the supercomputer Rika joins your group and throughout the game begins to bond with Chaz. While Chaz' relationship to Alys was very platonic and professional, his connection to Rika is hinted to be a more romantic one, though it is never completely explored.

After adventures spanning several planets and confrontations with recurring Phantasy Star villain Dark Force we learn that Rune has chosen Chaz as the hero that will save the Algo system from The Profound Darkness. Much to the chagrin of the Esper Elders, Rune, in his capacity as the bearer of Lutz' memories, allows Chaz to take the Sacred Sword Elsydeon. At this point we see a flashback sequence that bridges all the previous games in the series. At last Chaz talks directly to the spirit of Alis Landale, heroine of Phantasy Star, completing the circle between the first and final games in the series.

Chaz is a archetypical everyman hero. He starts unsure of himself and content to follow, but over the course of his journey becomes the leader of the Protectors of Algo, destined to save the system from the power of the Profound Darkness.

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