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You can find Chaz hiding in Yeel when you return to Grans Island. A hidden path in the church will open up when you play the piano in the bar. Chaz had returned to the island to continue his father's work after his passing, and has information on the holy sword the Shining Force is searching for. He joins the force because as a historian he's interested to see Zeon, the king of the devils.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Chaz is a competent spellcaster whose main drawback is his late introduction in the game. Chaz is the second to last character to join the Shining Force and consequently has a limited number of battles to participate in. Still, if the character chose to evolve Kazin into a Sorceror and chose either Randolf, Tyrin or Karna at Creed's Mansion, Chaz will be the only Wizard available to the party.


Post-Promotion: Wizard (WIZ)


  • Blaze
  • Freeze
  • Bolt
  • Dispel

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