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Checkers is a simplistic board game simulation released for the Intellivision in 1979. Based off of the popular board game, Checkers was published by Mattel Electronics and developed by APh Technological Consulting. The game was released as Draughts in England, reflecting its common name in that territory. Checkers was later included on two separate Intellivision collections: A Collection of Classic Games from the Intellivision (PlayStation) and Intellivision Lives! (Various). 


 The calm before the storm...
As per the board game, Checkers is played on a 64-square playing field, where each player controls 12 individual colored pieces. Checkers prompts players to select a piece, move a piece, and react to computer controlled moves. Captured pieces appear to the right and left of the playing field, depending on color. The game can also be played player vs. player, rather than player vs. computer.

There are several other features that Checkers boasts, including varying levels of difficult (either high or low), control over which player goes first, computer suggested moves (through the "computer suggests move" option), and even the ability to undo player enacted moves.    

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