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Crewman Chell was a among the Maquis rebels that got stranded in the Delta Quadrant and integrated with the crew of the USS Voyager. As a prominent engineer - he proved to be a valuable asset to the crew - but as an anxious person he had a difficult time getting along with them. Though through recommendation from Alex Munro, he applied to join the Hazard Team and became a field technician. Though always very nervous and easily scared, he always did what was needed and did not only help defeat a great threat to Earth - he was also aboard the Borg sphere and helped free Voyager in the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager - Endgame.


 Chell as seen on Star Trek: Voyager
Unlike most characters from the Hazard Team, Chell is an existing character in the Voyager crew. Even if his role in Elite Force wasn't canon to the TV-show, he had the same background as a maquis engineer who's lack of discipline had him trained by Tuvok, who was the "founder" of the Hazard team.

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