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Very little is known about Chernobog other than his name and that he was seen as an evil figure in some Slavic regions of Eastern Europe, post-Christianity. Because his name means "Black God," scholars have postulated that there was a Belobog, or "White God," to oppose him and act according to a system of dualism.

Appearances in Video Games

Megami Tensei

Chernobog appears in numerous games in the Megami Tensei series as one of the many summonable demons. He's usually depicted as a bald, blue figure in a cloak.

Kingdom Hearts

Chernobog is the large winged demon that resides on Bald Mountain. He appears in Kingdom Hearts' final area, The End of the World, and fights the party as a boss. This depiction of Chernobog is taken directly from Disney's Fantasia.

Shadow Hearts

One of Yuri Hyuga's optional Harmonixer fusions. It is the strongest Dark-affiliated fusion (save Amon). Czernobog, as he's known in Shadow Hearts, is also the singular Fusion that Ben Hyuga (Yuri's father, from who Yuri inherited his ability) is capable of performing, as seen during the brief flashback sequence in which he is playable. As with many of the fusions, Czernobog needs to be defeated by Yuri before he can assume its form.

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