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History and Information

The CheyTac Intervention is a bolt action sniper rifle designed for extreme long range engagements. The rifle is designed to
CheyTac's own image of their M-200
fire the .408 CheyTac round, or the .375 CheyTac. According to CheyTac's own statistics, the Intervention is able to reach a target at a distance of 2300 meters, or 2.3 kilometers.  


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is the first game to contain CheyTac's Intervention rifle. The model portrayed in the game is the M-200 Intervention. It is frequently drawn against the Barrett .50 Cal, as both weapons have extremely similar
 The Intervention, as it appears in the MW2 menus.
statistics. However, the Intervention has the most sway when your character is not holding his breath. Should all the
 The Kill Icon for the Intervention in MW2.
in-game sniper rifles be compared in this way, the Intervention is theoretically the least accurate sniper. The Intervention is unlocked at Rank 4, and can be put into custom classes from then on.

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