i dont think i like it as much...

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as Rez. The music and visual styling of Eden aren't really doing it for me. I really loved the "Tron" like look to world of Rez and the hard edge of the music. Eden is a bit more mellow in the music department and the visuals though crazy and colorful are not really clicking with me either. Im on the last level and im having a hard time finishing it. not because its hard, but because the music and the world are not drawing me in enough to care.

when i first played Rez i felt like the game was taking me on a journey or something crazy like that. it was nothing like i had ever played before its loose story elements and world just drew me in, i have beaten Rez so many times i have lost count. Nothing in this game has struck me like the area 4 boss fight from Rez. The only level so far that really started sucking me in was passion. That area is a joy to look at and the music upbeat and fast!

Eden is a good game its a great game and i can see why people love it. but maybe the magic was only meant for me once with Rez

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Seeing the new visual style and hearing some of what appears to be an all trance soundtrack I have had similar fears that I might not enjoy this game as much as Rez.
The darker atmosphere and merging of musical styles really helped me get into Rez, but Child of Eden seems to lack both and takes a much different approach.
I will certainly try this game out at some point, but I'm still unsure if it will work out as well as Rez for me either.

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Res is one of those games I always wanted to play, but never did for one reason or another. Is it worth it to buy?

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@PrivateIronTFU said:

Res is one of those games I always wanted to play, but never did for one reason or another. Is it worth it to buy?

well if you have a 360 try the demo.

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