Random Child of Eden gameplay questions

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I'm starting this thread because there doesn't already seem to be one. The intent is to have a place where people who are already playing this game can ask and answer questions about it.

For example, I have a couple already:

1. What effect do those Kinect settings have exactly? Speed and smoothing, I think they're labeled, but I didn't notice any difference when I changed them.

2. How do you get to see Lumi's garden, and the stuff in it? I had the same problem they did in the quick look, of selecting a creature for the garden but then not seeing it. I noticed that you can change the cursor when you're at the level select screen (which I'm guessing is the garden?) to something the manual mentions you can use to attract creatures, but that did nothing for me either.


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Will the Kinect take pictures of you while you're playing this game?  I don't wanna be like that guy who was playing Dance Central naked, not knowing that he was being photographed.  It's getting hot in these parts, so I like to play games in the buff, too. 

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Lumi's Garden is just the main menu.

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@Omelet_Pants: As far as I've seen, no, there are no pictures taken of you.

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How is the gameplay with just a controller? I want to buy the game, but I have no desire to buy a Kinect.

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I really want to get the game but I too have no desire to buy Kinect so how is it?

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This game doesn't lie it probably is better with Kinect because using a controller I often wished the default reticle could be moved faster by holding a button or by default. Using Kinect seems to remedy the speed problem but probably introduces new ones.

It would have been better for them to make the controller, oh I dunno... use the other unused buttons for example setting a button to instantaneously set the cursor to the upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, or lower-right. Or better yet, have a custom cursor-teleport option.

How the hell am I supposed to high score this thing if the aiming reticle isn't moving fast enough? It's bullshit and if it weren't for this glaring oversight, this would be a really awesome game to replay.

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@LunarAura:  I had the exact opposite problem using Kinect. Sometimes the reticule would move too fast and I would get disoriented. I still haven't tried it with a regular controller yet though.

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