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The Perfect Kinect Experience? 4

Me and my Kinect, we never seem to get along. A recent purchase with the underlying excuse of "research" due to the nature of my job, I already realised that my living room was insufficient for the demands of the somehow-sentient box of tricks. That nod of its head when it powered up for the first time... it always felt judgemental. If it could shake its head at the lack of playspace in front of my television, it wouldn't surprise me one jot.Microsoft's market research obviously took into accoun...

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A Superlatively Worthy Successor to Rez 6

If anybody was going to be disappointed by Child of Eden, it would probably be me. Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the game’s director, previously created the game Rez (another musical shooter), which revolutionized my view of games as a teenager. Rez made me realize--just as 2001: A Space Odyssey did for me with film--that the medium could be used for something more emotionally resonant than the commercial works that are most popular and best publicized. Since then, I’ve decided to pursue a career in game d...

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There is No Escape From Eden 0

You think this cover looks cool? Wait till you see the game.Let's get the non-essentials out of the way. You are an anonymous protagonist attempting to purify a computer database and save a girl called Lumi (insert "Princess not in this castle joke" now). You do so rails-shooting style, alternating between weapons resembling lock on missiles and a gatling gun. Child of Eden is my first game that has Kinect functionality (though it still can be played with a 360 controller). And I enjoyed the gam...

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Better than you think it is, but not as good as you hope it'd be 2

Every review will point out that Child of Eden is a graphically updated version of Rez, and it's true. The controls are minimally updated, the overall framework of the gameplay similar... even the overall structure of the game rings a lot of familiar bells. However, I'm guessing that gamers that know Rez well and want more of it already have this game and aren't waiting for reviews. Let me see what I can say to everybody else.As my own background, I did play Rez - not on the original Dreamcast, ...

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Eden never looked so wonderfull 0

In 2002 a man named Tetsuya Mizuguchi introduced the United States to a game known as Rez. It was a game so unique that the game was bundled in japan with a device known as a trance vibrator, which was intended to be placed in one pocket or sat on but was occasionally used for more erotic methods of play. I didn’t experience Rez until it was released for Xbox Live Arcade and when I finally played it I realized I was playing greatness. Child of Eden is the spiritual successor to Rez but offers ...

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Amazing Experience if you Have the Time and Money 0

I loved Child of Eden for what it was: A memorable audit/visual experience that kept me wanting to see what the next level had in store until the credits rolled. Each level has a different vibe and the music, enemies and level design are designed around those themes. I played with a standard controller and can honestly say the gameplay is secondary - really only served as an attention grabber to draw you deeper into paying attention say that you focus on the experience at hand. For me, a person ...

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Great...While it Lasts 0

I actually like Q Entertainment's games. Rez was great. E4 was phenomenal. And Child of Eden is great.  It's just that all of their games are so short with so little in them.  CoE has you trying to save Lumi (first person born in space) in Eden (the internet) as you try to eliminate viruses that are attacking her. It is a gorgeous title with visuals that are second to none, a lead NPC that you can actually feel a connection with, and controls that work quite well. But you only get 6 levels and o...

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Transcendental 0

Eden refuses to be a regular game. It makes you forget about yourself and your thoughts by merging your consciousness into living, breathing, organic landscapes. Through ecstatic, sensory overload you lose the mind that labels and tries to define things, and your playful, child-like consciousness comes through.  I thought Eden would be a simple, beautiful rail shooter. When I got into it though, I truly felt what it was; it was everything. Eden dissolves genre. The cursor is just a means of conn...

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Saving The Internet Now On Blu-Ray... 0

Note - I haven't tried the Move controls myself or seen this version in 3D yet, so don't expect my exact thoughts on those.Child of Eden has been out for several months on the Xbox 360 with Kinect support. Now the same spiritual successor to Rez, one of my favorite games of all-time, created by Q?Entertainment is out for the Playstation 3 with some added exclusive features that only the PS3 is capable of. Instead of Kinect, this version is also playable with the Playstation Move controller and i...

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