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A fun modern fairy tale 0

Thought the art style was fantastic, I liked the fairytale storyline, It was a bit easy.I really wish the game was voice acted, reading the awkward rhymes was fairly annoying after awhile, I guess it was out of the budget for a $15 game, but it was really the only part of the game that bugged me....

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Strathy's Child of Light Review: Squandered Beauty 0

Like so many who played this game, I find myself sadly one of the same. For I too, wish I liked this more than I do.Child of light is almost unfathomably beautiful to look at and listen to, and I want to like it, I really do (I'll stop the ironic rhyming now). But the bad elements of that game are so agressively forced that I find myself hating it instead for squandering such beauty. The writing is bad, and the forced rhyming is abysmal, but if you simply click through it all the allready etheri...

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How Can A World So Lush Feel So Empty? 0

I'm not sure I know of a more generic story of innocent child thrust into a situation far beyond their understanding, yet somehow being depended on to save the world against an evil that exists solely for the purpose of being an adversary. Yet, somehow, Child of Light manages to transform this tried out storyline into something that’s incredibly charming, despite everyone being one step away from breaking out into song and dance.Unarguably the game's biggest draw is its aesthetics; the art...

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