Does this game ever get difficult?

#1 Posted by Deathawk (280 posts) -

This game looks intresting, but I can't justify buying it right now do to how easy it looks. Does this game ever get more challenging or is it all just as lax as what has been shown so far? Is this the type of game I'll breeze through easily or is it tougher than it initially lets on?
#2 Posted by Supermarius (1196 posts) -

It depends what you mean. This is a classic style puzzle game with a score structure and levels, not unlike Columns or Tetris. The timed mode is the real mode, and the free mode is mostly for just messing around. You will always lose in Chime, just like tetris, the question is how long can you last. There are 3, 6, and 9 minute modes. You need to cover the entire level before your time runs out, covering parts of the level will give you bonus time. Clear the level with time left to get to a new copy of the level for extra bonus points. Your goals are basically to get the highest score possible and to clear each level with 100% or more coverage, especially on the three minute version. I think a game you will always lose at is hard. Its alot easier to make quads in the first stage, you may have noticed that, but that just means you have higher scores to shoot for.

#3 Posted by Faroon (62 posts) -

I agree with Supermarius.  The game isn't inherently difficult, but building high scores, keeping the multiplier going, and getting the achievements, is challenging. 
Great game, and all for charity too.  Well done to Zoe Mode.

#4 Posted by logson (521 posts) -

Like Tetris, it's easy to be competent at and difficult to master.

#5 Posted by ReddogDL (18 posts) -

The achievements seem to be pretty challenging, if that floats your boat. Other than that I +1 what Logson said.

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