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Chin Genshi is an optional party member from Saiyuki: Journey West. Sanzo's group travels to see him when Lady Kikka suddenly becomes sick at Inns Town. He has a cure in the form of a fruit from heaven but is only willing to part with it if Sanzo and the others can defeat him (and his gang of monsters). His personality fits with a crotchety teacher. He doesn't believe age is a factor in anything except the amount of experience it carries. Disagreements are often crushed with fits of yelling.
After the fight, it's revealed that he is Cho Hakkai's master and has a running bet with his student. If Cho could stay employed he would receive 10,000 gold. If not, Cho would owe his master 1,000 gold. The goal of the bet was to help his student get used to the idea of living among humans. This is quickly settled when Cho makes the case that he's been working for Sanzo as they travel to India. Genshi is also related to Lady Kikka as her grandfather. Although she isn't in a condition to reveal this information until after she makes a full recovery.
In order to recruit Genshi, players must take the north route to Windy Peak and Inns Town in Chapter 2. After Kikka recovers, he'll question Sanzo whether he depends on the other members of the group simply to reach India, or if he sees them as friends. Answering friends will motivate Genshi to join the group.


In battle, Chin Genshi relies on magic and speed. He's aligned with all five elements (slightly more with life) and can use any magic effectively. His weapon is a wooden cane but he has such low attack that it pales in comparison to his magic. To help with his spell casting, his special ability recovers a low amount of MP at the end of each turn. And if that doesn't work fast enough, he can also steal MP directly from an enemy. His transformation allows him to turn into a giant tree aptly named Tree Lord. A few of his attacks in this form have a small chance to paralyze targets.

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