Anyone else listen to chiptunes?

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I've been listening to a good amount of chiptunes over the past few days, and I'm really enjoying them. Does anyone else listen to chiptunes? Here areafewofmyfavorites

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I shall bookmark this page and look at the links tomorrow morning (UK). Good-night  :D

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@ShadowVirus: Paper Dolls is from 4mat's album "Decades," really worth checking out. 8bit Peoples is one of several websites I use to keep track of the world of chiptunes, along with 8bit Collective (, Ubiktune (, Pause (, and, of course, the chiptunes section of Reddit ( 
I haven't heard of a couple of those, I'll be sure to check them out!
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Then while I'm at it I might as well throw down a link for the newly released USK vs Fighter X album, it's a free album, which is one of thing I love about the chiptune community, the majority of artists give away their music for free.

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Oh, one more thing that I want to share here. This tune is from Magician, a fairly unknown NES game which was composed by Neil Baldwin, who has been pretty involved in the chiptune community, in terms of releasing tools to create NES music (I think he released a tool called Nijuu or something along those lines). Anyway, this is probably one of my favorite songs on the NES, really shows the capability of the sound chip. 


Edit: His blog is also really informative and interesting.
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I shall bookmark this page and then look at it tomorrow morning (UK). Goodnight  :D

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@StarFoxA: I'm not really a big fan of 8bit collective, it all just seems to be a lot of a collection of random, good and bad chiptune. I had never heard of Ubiktune and Pause, but they both look like some very cool websites that I'm checking out now. 
Another useful site you may or may not have heard of is Crunchy Records Company
That Magician song is hot, I like it.
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I'm bummed they deleted the Chiptunes concept page a few years ago. 
I made a thread there full of suggestions. 
Then again, most of the bands that were in that thread have already been mentioned here. 
Only glaring omission I can see would be Nullsleep. 

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@ShadowVirus: 8bit Collective can be useful in a few ways. If you know an artist and want to see what else they've uploaded, there is typically a good amount of free music from them. Additionally, you can sort by views and comments, but only by remembering those URLs. They don't have an option on their site. And I typically check each week to see what the most liked songs were, which can be a good way to be introduced to some new music. 
I've never heard of Crunchy, I'll be sure to take a look at their catalog. 
Edit: lots of artists in here that I have like one song from but couldn't find anything else! Thanks for the link!
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cant say that i do.

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I'm still really new to chiptune music, so I've really only listened to Anamanaguchi, but I'm going to listen to as many of these suggestions in this thread as I can.

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@SMTDante89: If you like Anamanaguchi, chances are that you'll like stuff from Starscream.
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I just listened to Anamanaguchi, but hey look at all the stuff in here. This is neat.

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I enjoy beep boops

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Love them chiptunes! 
Below you can hear Mr FantomenK's lovely tune. It's not a pure chiptune, but i hope you find it sublime anyway. 

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@kidman: That's great! I have a few of FantomenK's other songs, he's pretty good. I typically don't mind if something is "pure chiptune." I can appreciate things like Maktone (even if .sid's, .s3m's, .xm's, and what-have-yous are hard to work with), but I enjoy anything with that "chip style."
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@kidman: I like that style of chiptune, good song. 
@StarFoxA: I never knew you could view 8bc by views and comments, that really useful, thanks.
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I don't ever go out of my way looking for chiptunes, but I do love myself a good Anamanaguchi track every once in a while.

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@ShadowVirus: Thanks for reminding me of Unreal Superhero, it's a really great song! 
@StarFoxA: I bought his 'album' (if you can call it that), i like him a lot. The reason i mentioned 'pure chiptunes' was to let people know that i get that song isn't a 100% typical chiptune track, but it's nice to see people like it. His one other song was used in a 'Neo Geo Song' which can be found here.
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Not really chiptune but heavily insipred is the band Slagsmålsklubben (Fight Club in swedish) As a huge chiptune lover they totally blew my mind with their perfect blend with electronica/techno. They also perform their stuff live and does it _very_ well.

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They got tons of real records out, check em out.

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