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Character Background

 The male protagonist who is at the center of all this in happy lesson. An orphan boy who recently moved back into his parents house after living in orphanage his whole life. At first he is a troubled boy who gets in trouble for fighting and slacking off in class, his teachers all realize that he has had a difficult life and want to help him. So when Chitose returns home one day he discovers that one by one his teachers start to appear at his house, after the teachers explained their reason he was shocked to learn that his teachers would be his mothers as well.  
His feelings on this are not clear from the start but as each episode progresses and he is put in different situations his feeling becomes much clearer. Forced to sleep in the living room couch as all the rooms are being used by the teachers, he still seems to slack of in class and is punished at home doing humiliating tasks with the mothers.  
When he was at the orphanage he adopted two girls who later become his little and older sisters, Minazuki and Hazuki. Minazuki loves her brother so much and is willing to help him at everything. Known as Mina from time to time, stays with Hazuki in an apartment not to far away from Chitose. Hazuki is a famous pop star who loves to eat. When the mothers realize that they are Chitose`s family they all accept that there part of the family as well.  
When Chitose and his mothers hang out outside it becomes rather difficult as a student teacher relationship is not accepted, so being together is problem. So when they go on vacation and have parties together they make the most out of them. As life couldn't get harder for him he is being chased by two people who love him, Fumitsuki and Kaana. He has no clue that they like him and is usually in the middle of some love trouble. 

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